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I am please to announce AlisonHomeandFamily has introduced the complete line of BedVoyage Bath and Bedding line to our family of products. This includes the Hypo-allergenic Baby products as well. When started as a company, BedVoyage sheet sets were literally stored in the file cabinets and kitchen of the business, as well as two other off-site storage facilities! 

BedVoyage quickly outgrew the space and decided to merge the staff, office equipment and new products into one spot and relocated to the wine country of Woodinville, Washington, approximately 30 minutes NE from the Port of Seattle, for easy access when our products arrive from our factory.

If you were curious as to their name, its because the first product launch was for luxury bamboo bedding designed specifically for travel. But the customer feedback and desire for bamboo was so high that they quickly switched gears and began to offer a full line of traditional bedding: sheets, duvets, coverlets, shams, blankets, crib bedding and towels.

Bamboo bedding is a wonderful alternative to cotton as it has so many benefits that cotton does not, and is scrumptiously soft! They listen to their customers needs and desires and are always adding products and colors to their product line based on their wishes!

BedVoyage factory is the largest home textile factory in China, and they work within the Institute of the International Association for Research & Testing in the Field of Textile Ecology standards, the global uniform testing and certification system for textiles.

BedVoyage proudly offers 100% rayon from bamboo linens, the bamboo is grown organically without harmful chemicals, pesticides or fertilizers. No pandas are harmed in the production of their linens! The bamboo used is grown and farmed specifically for textiles, and no natural forests are destroyed. Additionally, they do not treat their linens with any chemicals. This means that they are formaldehyde-free unlike most wrinkle-resistant cotton and they do not contain any flame retardant chemicals. Rayon from Bamboo is a fabulous alternative to the cotton standard of bed linens. BedVoyage strives to offer the best quality at an affordable price!

Go GREEN In Your Bed!

BedVoyage products also have the seal of being a Green Business and they hold the OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 certification which guarantees “Confidence in Textiles” and certified by Testex Zurich. OEKO-TEX is the world leader in testing textiles for harmful substances. It introduced its “Confidence in Textiles” certification in 1992 in response to negative headlines regarding the use of chemicals in textiles.

Why does BedVoyage think this is important? When you sleep, your pores open up and absorb whatever you are sleeping on. This means that you can absorb things such as bleach, fabric softener, perfumes, and chemicals. BedVoyage cares about what is on their linens. They do not use flame retardants such as antimony trioxide, which studies show can cause conditions ranging from allergies to Autism. Neither do they use formaldehyde, which some bed linen and apparel manufacturers use to make textiles wrinkle-resistant. They feel that you would rather endure a bit of wrinkling than breathe in formaldehyde while you sleep. So support BedVoyage by purchasing their rayon form Bamboo products here at AlisonsHomeandFamily.com

Please view the videos below from Sharon Stuart BedVoyage CEO about the;

Benefits of Rayon from Bamboo --- https://youtu.be/hbDernksSTA

How to Dress your Bed Beautifully - https://youtu.be/d0cYfm65Bqg

BedVoyage Product Design Aspects --  https://youtu.be/chZn8QXccsI

How to fold a fitted sheet -- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bx9_JDDwTz8



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