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I want to thank you for visiting me today.  I would like to introduce myself to you.  I am a retired federal employee that worked in the financial service industry for more than 36 years.  I have built this selling platform to prepare for the day my wife will retire.  She currently works for a small business that did not provide a pension for its employees.  As you may know, social security does not go far today.  Thus, to help offset the lost income when she retires I have built this store. 

My goal will be to offer you good products at reasonable prices.  I will also look for products for you if you like.  I have limited my products to personal and recreational goods for the family.  

My intent is to use this blog area to identify new products offered.  Also, I may include financial literacy information you may find helpful.  While working in the financial industry, I have seen lots of people get into finanical trouble just because no one has provided education to help the,  I will offer some guidane on credit scoring and the importance of managing your finanical resources.  I am nopt a certified finaincial planner but will offer you sound advice to give you the basics of some important topics you may find helpful.  I will also be including helpful websites that can provide you with more information.

I hope you come back often and check my product line out and find my prioces favorable.  I welcome your comments about my products and pricing, along with your thoughts to this and future blogs.

Enjoy your day!!!



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